Internet SPF

Protect Yourself From Harmful Website Exposure

About Internet SPF

Internet Sanity Protection Factor is a lightweight, waterproof, odorless spray that protects you from exposure to harmful websites.

Applying a light spray to your device before browsing will keep you from internalizing ridiculously wrong content up to ten times longer than browsing unprotected.

Internet SPF protects you not only from website text, but even from website comments!

Internet SPF is available right now for laptops, iPads, and iPhones, and is coming soon for Android!

Be Entertained, But Be Safe

Psychologists agree that limiting exposure to drama-filled Internet sites dramatically reduces the chances of you becoming a Reptilian believer, fedora-wearer, or startup entrepreneur.

Never Hesitate To Click A Link In A Tweet Again

With Internet SPF, you can browse even contentious sites (which we won’t name here, but really, you know the ones we mean) up to 10X longer.

Coming Soon! Pinterest Repellent

Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when we launch our Pinterest Repellent: keeps you on Pinterest without purchasing anything or attempting a tutorial more than five times longer than unprotected browsing!